Your Career in Children’s Social Care


We have a wide variety of social work roles in Bexley, both for qualified and unqualified staff. Working at Bexley you will have the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in different areas of Children’s Services. As a social worker you can progress to a senior practitioner role providing leadership and practice guidance to colleagues. We also offer assistant team manager and team manager roles for experienced social workers whose career aims are to progress into leadership roles.


All new staff receives a comprehensive induction that includes an introduction to senior managers, a service overview, detailed information on service standards and expectations, and an introduction to resources available in-house and in the community.

Bexley currently subscribes to CCInform, Making Research Count & Research in Practice to enable all practitioners to access practice guidance and up to date research.


The aims of the academy are to:

  •  Attract capable, motivated, pro-active, caring and reflective social workers to Bexley.
  •  Support social workers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their role and responsibilities and understand the policies and practice standards that guide our work.
  • Promote evidence based practice, informed by research and grounded in theory.
  • Provide a variety of CPD opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge needed, to deliver outstanding services to the children and families of Bexley.
  • Develop strong leadership and a positive learning culture across the organisation.

The Academy aims to provide a supportive learning environment to enable NQSWs to develop and prosper through the Assessed & Supported Year in Employment (ASYE). The programme is supported by experienced Consultant Social Workers who facilitate development through learning interventions that have been designed and informed by The Knowledge & Skills Statements (KSS) for child and the family social work and The Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF). Consultant Social Workers offer professional supervision, group and individual reflective supervision and assist in the development of the ASYE portfolio. When the NQSWs are assigned to teams, team managers provide case supervision and ensure quality assurance to contribute to the ASYE assessment. To find out more please click here.

The role of the Academy & Workforce Development Team is to provide students, NQSWs, social workers and frontline managers with the tools, support and learning & development they need to deliver outstanding services to children and families.

LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT OFFERBexley Graphic Large - Section 5

At Bexley we recognise that the provision of high quality social work services relies upon on a well – trained, supported, and motivated workforce. We believe that everyone in Bexley Children’s Social Care should have the opportunity to grow, develop, and progress at whatever stage of their career they are at. We are passionate about outstanding social work practice and are committed to investing in the development of all our staff to achieve this. We have ambitious plans for developing a learning culture in Bexley that continually drives up improvements and standards to deliver outstanding social work to children, young people, and families. We have worked hard to ensure our learning & development offer is clearly mapped against other Continuing Professional Development activities and have linked all our courses to the Professional Capabilities Framework and the Knowledge and Skills Statement and aligned to our workforce development strategy.

The learning and development programme offers a comprehensive range of training opportunities and professional development through appraisal, coaching and mentoring, and our talent management programme. We are committed to a ‘whole system’ approach through drawing on the expertise of colleagues within the organisation as well as commissioning bespoke learning opportunities from experts in the field and accredited Continuous Professional Development post graduate programmes with leading Universities. The learning and development offer demonstrates our strong commitment to investing in our workforce. Our 2017-18 training brochure can be viewed here.


Firstline Leadership Programme
Children’s Social Care commissions up to 5 places a year on the Government funded Firstline Leadership Programme. The programme was first piloted in 2015-2016 and seeks to develop the leadership skills of social work managers. The leadership programme is designed to develop good social work managers into high-performing, considered and influential leaders who set high practice standards, focus on developing and improving their team members, and who contribute to rapidly improving the profession. The Firstline programme is based on extensive research into what constitutes an excellent practice leader in children’s social work settings. Further details on our Leadership Programme can be viewed here.

Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma in Leadership, Management & Supervision

The postgraduate programme is offered by Sussex University. Core modules include Risk and Decision-Making: Challenges for Children’s Services Management and Practice, Professional Learning Review and Critical Reflection on Professional Learning, Leading and Managing Development and Change and Supervising and Managing Professionals. Optional modules include Practitioner Research. The programme has been designed specifically for social work managers.

Diploma in Systemic Supervision

This course is for all supervisors in Children’s Social Care who have supervisory responsibilities for social work practice. The purpose of the course is to enable first line managers and supervisors to understand and utilize key systemic concepts in their supervisory and management roles.

Leadership Workshops

In addition to the systemic supervision programme team managers have the opportunity to participate in a leadership programmes to develop their leadership and management skills. The programme has been aligned to the Knowledge and Skills Statements for Practice Supervisors.

Aspiring Leaders Programme

The aspiring leaders programme is aimed at senior practitioners and assistant team managers who aspiring to move up to their first or next management post.

Succession Planning

Bexley’s aim is to allow all its staff to develop and progress their careers and to be supported to do so by a structured and progressive development programme. Bexley has set out the career path for staff in Children’s Social Care, the competences and requirements at each stage and a process for assessing when staff members are ready All managers are expected to identify, assess and develop high potentials has part of the annual appraisal, performance conversation and supervision processes.

Career progression panels have also been introduced for level 2 social workers who want to progress to level 3. Progression is through the presentation of a portfolio of practice learning and reflection. Bexley’s Career Progression Pathway document can be viewed here.

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