Children’s & Adults Social Care

The Bexley Social Work Academy

The aims of the academy are to:

  • Attract capable, motivated, pro-active, caring and reflective social workers to Bexley.
  • Support social workers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their role and responsibilities and understand the policies and practice standards that guide our work.
  • Promote evidence based practice, informed by research and grounded in theory.
  • Provide a variety of CPD opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge needed, to deliver outstanding services to the children and families of Bexley.
  • Develop strong leadership and a positive learning culture across the organisation.

The Academy aims to provide a supportive learning environment to enable NQSWs to develop and prosper through the Assessed & Supported Year in Employment (ASYE). The programme is supported by experienced Consultant Social Workers who facilitate development through learning interventions that have been designed and informed by The Knowledge & Skills Statements (KSS) for child and the family social work and The Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF). Consultant Social Workers offer professional supervision, group and individual reflective supervision and assist in the development of the ASYE portfolio. When the NQSWs are assigned to teams, team managers provide case supervision and ensure quality assurance to contribute to the ASYE assessment. To find out more please click here.

Our Academy Team & Workforce Development Team comprises of six staff who are all qualified social workers with significant experience within a range of service areas. The role of the Academy & Workforce Development Team is to provide students, NQSWs, social workers and frontline managers with the tools, support and learning & development they need to deliver outstanding services to children and families.

Further information on a career in Children’s Social Work at Bexley please visit our Social Care Careers website.

Adult Social Care in Bexley

As Bexley Care, we work in partnership with health colleagues to deliver services and seek to provide appropriate “joined up” care and support to people close to home. By responding to people’s needs early in the community, we can prevent or avoid admission to hospital. Also, following a personal crisis, we can help people to maintain or regain their independence and skills so that they can continue to live safely in their own home.

Bexley Care was created on 1 April 2017 and brings together Oxleas health teams and adult social care teams.  Staff remain employed by their original organisation and will be managed under a single management structure. This allows all our staff from a variety of professional and support disciplines to work together to create a shared vision to transform care for the people of Bexley with three main aims:

  • Improve the experience of patients and families
  • Deliver better health and social care outcomes
  • Reduce overall health and social care spend

The local authority and Oxleas Bexley health care finances have been brought together so we have greater flexibility to use the combined finances where needed rather than be constrained by organisational boundaries. In this context Bexley Care provides the opportunity to improve a person’s journey by designing care around them.

To enable our staff to respond to these challenges we support all staff to understand what is required of them and we provide a framework and resource to facilitate this. In turn we expect all staff to make full use of the learning and development opportunities on offer and to invest in personal and professional development to help us meet our commitments to residents within Bexley. Our learning and development framework identifies what we offer and expect of staff when you begin with us, it outlines the core and developmental opportunities on offer to help you flourish and develop your career pathway supporting our priorities in ASC and suggests options to help you excel within a range of specialisms.

Learning and Development priorities are service-led, aimed at ensuring delivery of the Adult Social Care Vision to Bexley residents. We commission a wide range of courses and other resources for social care professionals that are carefully designed to meet best-practice standards, legal requirements and to enhance and develop staff skills, knowledge and behaviours. Our approach is based on putting the learner at the centre of the learning experience. So, as well as some mandatory training, you’ll have access to a tailored programme of learning and development aimed at meeting service priorities and developing individual staff competence and be provided with access to Bexley’s e-Learning portal that offers courses on a huge range of subjects. We have a history of supporting staff towards professional qualification and a great track record in retaining those we support in this way.

Further information on The Adult Social Care Pathways can be found here.

For further information on a career in Adult Social Care at Bexley please visit our Social Care Careers website.

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