Shannon Lidbury

Shannon LidburyShannon Lidbury – Young Director

My role is the Young Director in Children’s Social Care. This is an apprenticeship role that I started in July 2017. I work with young people in care listening to their experiences and thoughts, including Looked After Children and care leavers and see how we can use this information to improve our service.

I was a Looked After Child in Bexley myself, so I understand what many young people are going through and how difficult going into care can be. I’ve been involved in designing a child-friendly Looked After Children and care leavers strategy. I’ve also been involved in designing a website for children in care that includes all the information they need and answers any questions they may have about being in care.

Going from being a Looked After Child to working for Bexley, I’ve been very supported by my colleagues. I’m always doing different things and getting involved in different projects. One of the projects I’ve been involved with is called ‘Positive Journeys’, which is about improving the experience of young people who have involvement with social care.

I want to be a positive role model for the young people in care and show them what they can achieve. One day, I would like to be a Social Worker and I know that Bexley will support me with this when the time is right.

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