Paul Speller

Paul SpellerPaul Speller – Senior Web Development Officer & Trade Union Steward

I recently joined the Web team from the Finance department. When I started working for Bexley 16 years ago, I joined the then newly formed Web team, so I’ve gone full circle! My role now involves looking after the Council’s external website, improving its functions to help residents interact efficiently with our services in an age when most people just want to get things done quickly online.

Since I became a board member for the Council’s Design and Innovation Board, it’s become particularly evident to me that the Council strives to be dynamic and innovative. Bexley looks at what we can do with the resources we have, rather than looking at where we can make cuts, and I think that is a much more productive approach.

Being part of the Board is really inspiring; it brings people together from all areas of the Council. We provide feedback on our colleagues’ ideas and help them find ways to bring projects to life. All kinds of ideas come through the board; one I was recently involved in was adding a festive quiz to the staff Christmas celebrations. The Board supported my idea – the Chief Executive even joined a team!

I am also a Trade Union Steward on behalf of Unison. I provide advice and support to colleagues and sometimes accompany them to meetings to help them avoid any issues escalating. I would encourage all staff members to join a union such as Unison, because it gives you a friendly support network at work.

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