Pam Hunt

Pam Hunt

Pam Hunt – Adoption Team Manager

The Adoption Services team is responsible for the recruitment, support & assessment of potential adopters, providing post adoption support and helping adopted adults find their birth families, we also find families for children who can no longer live with their birth families. My team have very high standards and our performance is excellent; we are one of the top 10 Local authorities in the country for adhering to timescales.

We have a very successful foster to adopt scheme. This scheme enables approved adopters to become temporary foster carers for a specific child. This means that babies and young children where the plan is likely to be adoption can be placed directly with a family who are willing to care for the child under fostering regulations and adopt if the plan for adoption is agreed. For young babies and children this provides the stability and early nurturing that they require to grow in to resilient adults. The team are also very successful at recruiting a diverse group of new adopters, we have a really good relationship with New Family Social, which support LGBT families and have a high number of approved LGBT adopters.

When I started at Bexley as a Social Work Assistant 17 years ago, I was supported by my manager and colleagues to complete my DIPSWA. This has aided me to work my way up to my role as a Team Manager. I’ve found that Bexley is really supportive with training and development and provides staff with opportunities to grow.

Due to the layout of the building, it encourages and supports cross working with other teams and makes it easy to maintain good relationships with colleagues.


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