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Everyday Learning

Everyday Tools is our online toolkit, designed to guide you through the process of knowledge and skills development, providing resources which can help us to co-create a culture of organisational learning by bringing together insights and methods developed to help you to craft and manage your own unique self-development strategy.

Secondment Opportunities

Secondments are intended to help our staff to develop in a different role and to help us by making better use of the skills and experience of our staff in filling key roles or carrying out important projects. Individuals benefit from development and experience opportunities that may not otherwise be available.

Bexley Coaching & Mentoring Academy (BCMA)

Coaching and Mentoring is proven as an effective stand alone development intervention to support career development, progression and high performance.   It is also a perfect follow-up tool to help embed on-the-job learning, formal and informal training programmes, e-learning and other self-directed learning activities. More than 350 Executive Coaches, Super Coaches and Mentors are available to you through BCMA.  Information and contact details are available on our internal website.

Bexley’s Virtual Academy

Bite-sized, task-focused training that you can undertake at a time and location that suits you.  Join our online WebEx classroom for an interactive session filled with top tips and tricks to make the most of your IT. The small group sessions are fully interactive, allowing you to connect with the trainer and other participants, while you learn quick tips and tricks to make sure technology works for you.  Information and contact details are available on our internal website.

Access to Professional Qualifications

We may agree to support you to achieve nationally recognised qualifications if they are of business benefit to Bexley. Approval of all courses is subject to sufficient resources being available.  There are a number of examples where we have supported our people to gain qualifications in for example social work, accountancy including CIPFA, HR Management and Planning.

Performance Appraisal Scheme

We operate a performance management scheme which sets out to ensure that you are clear about your goals and objectives and that you have an opportunity to review your progress with your manager on a regular basis and discuss what support and development you need.

The Appraisal scheme can be viewed here.

Our Learning & Resource Website – “Evolve”

Take charge of your career development and acquire the skills and  capabilities that will take you and your team to the next level.  Our Evolve elearning site offers personalised top rated modules  plus an online Learning on Demand catalogue.  Information and contact details are available by searching for Evolve on our internal website.

Begin, Flourish and Excel (Adult Social Care)

The Adult Social Care learning and development framework identifies what we offer and expect of staff when you begin with us, it outlines the core and developmental opportunities on offer to help you flourish and develop your career pathway supporting our priorities in ASC and suggests options to help you excel within a range of specialisms.

Our approach is based on putting the learner at the centre of the learning experience. So, as well as some mandatory training, you’ll have access to a tailored programme of learning and development aimed at meeting service priorities and developing individual staff competence and be provided with access to Bexley’s e-Learning portal that offers courses on a huge range of subjects. However, we also know that most of the best learning happens every day, out in the real world with people pushing themselves to find new ways of working.

The Opportunity to develop socially

Randomised Coffee Trials were introduced into the Bexley learning mix in the summer of 2016 and have been running monthly since then. The idea is a simple one – to create connections across the organisation; taking between 20-30 minutes, non-hierarchical and democratic, participants are matched randomly and meet informally to discuss their projects, create new networks and to get a feel for what is going on in different areas of the Council. Initial feedback has been really positive.  Contact a member of the OD Service for further information.

Stars – Our Staff Thanks and Recognition Scheme  

Our Staff Thanks and Recognition Scheme, STARS, is our way of recognising the hard work, dedication and achievements of Council staff who have helped to make the borough a better place to work and live.

Members of the public, Councillors and colleagues can nominate staff who they think have gone above and beyond in their role throughout the year. The categories of nomination include Exceptional Partnership Working, Innovator of the Year and Learner of the Year. Everyone nominated under the scheme is invited to an event held at a local venue with their Director where they receive their letter of recognition and a star lapel pin.

A STARS panel also select outstanding representatives from each category who have made outstanding contributions in their nominated category. The people selected by the STARS panel are invited to attend a special evening to celebrate their success.

In previous years, the awards have been sponsored by our partners – Capita, Tusker, Gatenby Sanderson & Sodexo.

Our Innovation Events

Our workshops will give you the time and tools to work through an issue or an idea and develop your thinking on how to improve things, using service design thinking. It could be big or small, completely ground-breaking or something that’s been tried and tested elsewhere.  Search for future events on our internal website.

Bexley Design School

This is where we share service design and agile thinking to help drive innovation. Through a combination of curated online resources, virtual academy training sessions and face to face coaching, learn new skills and build a network of like-minded colleagues to try new things.

Bespoke masterclasses and workshops can be tailored to your needs or you can use ready-made materials to support you in undertaking user research and agile project management.

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