Our Ambitions

Growth Strategy

The Council is developing a Growth Strategy which will help Bexley meet the need for new homes and jobs. It will ensure growth is managed carefully to benefit local people. It will also bring benefits to transport connectivity, economic prosperity and skills.

Further documents on the growth strategy can be found here.

Our Corporate Plan

Our Corporate Plan ‘#BrilliantBexley Shaping our future together 2017’ builds a vision of the London Borough of Bexley in 2025. The corporate plan outlines our commitments to residents. In setting clear commitments for the coming years, the Corporate Plan also forms the starting point for us to manager our performance.

You can view our Corporate Plan here.

Design and Innovation

Design and Innovation Board – This board is the funnel for all the entrepreneurial and exploratory ideas that will help us deliver the innovations we need to become self-sufficient. Part of the purpose of this Board is to make sure that more teams and services get an opportunity to put their innovative ideas into action and that we have a clearer way to keep track of these projects and share learning between them. Ideas for the Board to consider may come from one of our other governance boards, such as the Commissioning or Economy Board, or be generated at a regularly facilitated Innovation Event with staff.

Innovation Lab –  Innovation Labs are used by all sorts of organisations to create time and space for thinking creatively, tackling difficult problems in new and experimental ways, and generating inventive solutions. The Lab encompasses a design methodology for looking at services and how they could be improved to better meet the needs of the people who use them and so make them more sustainable in the long run. This methodology is based on the Double Diamond which has four stages: Discover, Define, Design and Deliver.

You can view the Senior Managers Structure Chart here.

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