Ginny Hyland


Ginny Hyland

Ginny Hyland – Policy and Partnerships Officer

My role involves working with lots of different partners such as voluntary and community organisations, the police and housing associations to find ways we can work together so our residents get the most out of our services.

Recently, I’ve been working with GP practices in Bexley on a project called ‘Social Prescribing’. For example if a resident presented to their GP with stress, if appropriate, the GP could also ‘prescribe’ the resident ‘social and community support’ that may help relieve their stress. We can also then track how successful different social interventions are and know where to invest money in the future.

Although I’ve been at Bexley for 10 years, it’s changed so much that I feel like I’ve worked for different organisations. I’ve had the opportunity to work in various teams and we’ve moved into an impressive new building. As Councils will have to become self-sufficient by 2020, we’re working together to find new, innovative ways to get the best outcomes for local residents. It’s exciting to be working for an organisation which is open to new ideas and where staff are passionate about getting the most for our borough and its residents.

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