Gary Mitchell

Gary Mitchell 1Gary Mitchell – Deputy Head of Exchequer Services  

In my role, I oversee the Council’s contract with Capita.  Capita deliver the Council’s Revenue and Benefits service, which includes Council Tax, Business Rates, Housing Benefit and Financial Assessments. I manage the contract to ensure Capita’s processes are integrated with Bexley’s values and vision.

Day to day, I deal with queries and complaints. I liaise with residents, Members, enforcement agents and even Bexley Magistrates Court on various issues relating to revenue services. I research initiatives and ways to make the Revenue and Benefits service run more efficiently. At the moment, I’m working in partnership with Capita to expand the number of residents who pay their Council Tax online and by Direct Debit, which could result in large savings for the Council.

I’ve worked at Bexley for 28 years. One of the reasons I’ve stayed at Bexley is because of the opportunities I’ve been given to progress my career. I was funded by Bexley to complete my Diploma in Management Studies, and I later went on to complete my Masters. Our great IT facilities make flexible working possible, which is a fantastic benefit for me.

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