Ellen Care

Ellen CareEllen Care – Transformation and Change Officer

As part of my role, I look after the Council’s Design and Innovation Board. The Board meets each month to discuss the innovative and entrepreneurial activity going on within the Council and offer support to progress new ideas. The Board is a way of helping the Council become more self-sufficient and prepare for 2020 when local government funding is withdrawn by central government, and beyond.

I started at Bexley on the National Graduate Development Programme. Bexley has been a fantastic place to start my career. As a London borough, there’s a wide range of services which means I’ve got to experience so much. I’ve found that Bexley is really accommodating to people who want to learn and develop and people are always willing to get you involved in a project in some way if you show interest. During my career at Bexley, I’ve been able to move teams, work with new colleagues and even moved location, when we moved into our new building.

Moving into the new building was a project I was involved in that I really enjoyed working on. At the time, I was an Internal Communications Officer and it was my role to get our staff ready to move over. I got to work with so many different people and teams and it was a great experience working on a project that was central to everyone in the organisation. It was so rewarding when we had a smooth transition into the new building in 2014.


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