Carl Coffey

Carl CoffeyCarl Coffey – Team Manager (Leaving Care Team 1)

I manage an energetic team who create and support aspirations for young people leaving our care aged 18-25. We enable them to realise their potential and become successful adults.

A highlight during my career here was leading Bexley through the New Belongings strategy. This was a government initiative which was focused on providing a better service for care leavers. I worked alongside other local authorities and took part in a ministerial visit. It was a great opportunity to contribute our thoughts and ideas on the new law and through our involvement we were able to highlight the importance and complexity of the Personal Advisor role.

The next 12-24 months is an exciting time, with the service for care leavers developing beyond our initial vision and expectations. We have the aspirations of our care leavers at the forefront and the strength of our multi-agency working means we are providing greater opportunities for them.

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